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You couldn’t have chosen a better time to stop by to Giveaway Network, the web’s number one free gift, gadget and tech site! Christmas is just around the corner and the little (and not so little!) ones won’t believe you when you try and tell them that Santa has been hit by the credit crunch!

The solution to your problems is right here!  Follow just three simple, proven steps and the only difficult decision will be choosing which free gift you want to claim. Will it be a free iPhone or free iPad?  What about one of the latest games consoles or iPods for the kids or maybe some free GHD straighteners for the ladies out there?  In fact, why not get them all and everything else that you’ve ever wanted into the bargain, all totally free!

This isn’t a secret or exclusive offer, the giveaways that you see here are available to everyone.

Get started towards your free gift right now!

Grab you free iPhone 4S with this Worldwide Offer

You will be redirected to Freebiejeebies, the largest independent rewards program site on the internet.   Simply sign-up and join the thousands of users who have received over £1 million/$1.4 million of free gifts over the last four years!

Key features

  • All free gifts available Worldwide.
  • Simply participate in just one totally free trial or take a low cost (£5/$10) offer with a recommended advertiser and refer a few friends to do the same.
  • No catches. No limited time offers. No spam or other nonsense.
  • Carry forward unused credits and repeat the process to get as many free gifts as you can handle.
  • Cash equivalents offered through Pay Pal or bank transfer.
  • Your free gift will be shipped to your door directly from retailers such as Amazon and Apple.
  • Even the postage is totally free!

How it works

Incentive marketing has taken the internet by storm but it’s nothing that you haven’t already seen on the high street.  Businesses are always trying to attract more customers and are increasingly looking for alternatives to expensive TV and media campaigns.

One of the current trends is for retailer to tempt existing customers to do the leg work for them, in return for incentive or reward.   How many times have you seen Sky TV offering £50 if you introduce a friend or maybe a web comparison site that is prepared to send you some M & S vouchers if you take out an insurance policy?

The free gift model is just the same but instead of signing up to an expensive contract like you would with Sky’s offer, all you have to do to get your free gift is to participate in a free trial or low cost product.

Claim everything from a free iPhone to a free iPad, free Xbox 360 to free PS3 or even a free Macbook…and everything else in between.  There really are no limits!

As explained at length in the how can Freebiejeebies afford to give away an iPhone thread, you just have to repeat the process by getting your friends involved.  The more referrals gained, the bigger your free gift!

Free Gifts Available

The list of free gifts available to you is endless.   If something isn’t visible on Freebiejeebies main free gift list, then submit a support ticket and they will source it for you.

Either that or simply request the cash equivalent by Pay Pal or bank transfer.

Alex and Rich at Freebiejeebies pride themselves with the speed of their response times and they bend over backwards to do whatever they can to help you get your free gift with the minimum amount of fuss.  They truly are second to none!

Some of the most popular free gifts current featured are:

Go grab yours, happy freebie hunting!


If you can’t find what you’re looking for using the search function, then please feel free to leave a comment with the query you need answering.  All comments are moderated and will be dealt with promptly.

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