Free iPhone 5

iPhone 5 Giveaway Key Features

* Worldwide offer.
* SIM free iPhone 5, unlocked and off contract.
* Free iPhone 5 pre-ordered through Freebiejeebies, the number one incentive reward site on the web.
* To qualify, simply participate in just one totally free trial or take a low cost (£5/$10) offer with a recommended advertiser and refer a few friends to do the same.
* Your free iPhone 5 will be shipped to your door directly by Apple. Even the postage is totally free!

Everything else you need to know to get a free iPhone 5

First things first, I ought to mention that Freebiejeebies currently feature the free iPhone 4 but will add the free iPhone 5 pre-order the minute it is available. However, if you can’t wait, then why not grab the free iPhone 4 now and start working towards your free iPhone 5 pre-order at the same time, ready for its release date. You’ll get the best of both Worlds – that really does change everything as the saying goes!

Right, with that cleared up, now for a little bit of background…..

When I finally got my hands on the original iPhone, I thought that my search for the perfect smartphone had ended. Then Apple only went and released the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 and the rumour mill is running at full blast again with talk of the iPhone 5 release date. Or should I say, the Verizon iPhone, iPhone 4G, iWallet or whatever the marketing guru’s at Apple decide to name it.

We all know that trying to keep up to date is a costly business and I certainly wasn’t able to justify regular iPhone upgrades…..then I discovered the incentive reward site Freebiejeebies, who have sent free gifts worth over £1 million/$1.5 million to its users over the last four years. Despite their rapid expansion, service levels are as good as you’ll find anywhere on the internet. I really have no idea how the owners, Rich and Alex, manage to consistently exceed expectations.

I’m pleased to say that a large quantity of the gifts they have shipped came my way! Just take a look at the eXceem community forums where I post as FurbtasticM and you’ll see in the “I Got My Free Gift” section just how many free gifts I have received. Everything from a free iPhone and free iPad to a free garden shed, the total of which exceeds £80,000/$120,000 at the time of writing!

I have explained how the system works in several other posts and am more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Just leave a comment and I’ll get right on to it.

What are you waiting for, go grab your free iPhone 5!


My first Giveaway post just had to be a cracker, so what better than a quick guide on how to get yourself a free iPhone or free iPad.

We all know that Apple are top dogs when it comes to the most sought after tech but their price tags have always been out of the reach for most of us…until now that is!

In conjunction with incentive reward site Freebiejeebies, you can take advantage of an exclusive Worldwide Offer of a free iPhone or free iPad delivered to your door direct from Apple.

No hidden costs or taxes, even the shipping is free. What are you waiting for…


My first free iPad arrived last year and I made this unboxing video for my sister site, Gadgets4nowt, along with a scan of the receipt to prove it!

Unboxing My iPad from Steve Elliott on Vimeo.

The process work in exactly the same way as businesses like Blockbuster or Sky TV offering vouchers to encourage you to get your friends to take a subscription. The advertisers you need to look out for in conjunction with Freebiejeebies are all trusted, household names. The only difference is that instead of vouchers, you get a free iPhone or free iPad !

Once you have signed up with Freebiejeebies, look out for our recommended offer logos on your account “offers” tab once you have signed-up and logged in.

An iPad for £5?  Let's call it a free iPad! Try Homestead/Intuit's 30 day free trial, build yourself a free website and get a free iPad Deposit just £10 ($15) via PayPal, buy some bids and you will be on your way to your free iPad.  You might even win some fantastic prizes along the way!

Even if you have to pay a few pounds/dollars, it has to be worth it to grab what is virtually a free iPhone or free iPad.