Frequently Asked Questions

We put together the following commonly asked questions to help you but always feel free to contact us via our contact form for more information.

1. What is a rebate deal?

A rebate deal is a deal where after you purchase the money, the brand sends you back a rebate. This can be anything up to 100% of your purchase price. To find out more about the terms and to sign up to the club, click here.

2. How do i get my money back?

After you have joined our rebate club and bought the product through our link, simply fill out this form and let us know your order details. We will then refund you the money via paypal.

3. Why would you refund people money? What is the catch?

We work with brands looking to increase their engagement and sales. By giving out some free or heavily discounted items, they get a loyal group of ambassadors and create “Buzz” about their products.

Brands do like it when you post their products on social media

4. Do i have to leave a product review?

Leaving a product review is NOT COMPULSARY. If you choose to, that is up to you and great. If not, you will not be treated any differently to anyone else and it is not expected.

5. Under what circumstances will you not pay out my rebate?

  1. Please do not buy the product twice yourself. We only rebate one identical item per person.
  2. Please make sure only members use the rebate form and you have signed up
  3. Please make sure that you only buy items where the deal is valid and not expired
  4. Please make sure you buy through our specific links so the purchase is linked to you
  5. Please do not ask for a refund or return the item, we will not allow you back into the club should that be the case.

6. What type of products do you offer?

We will offer products from all kinds of brands at various rebate amounts. As we grow, we will reward our loyal members with more and more rebates of great products, all direct from Amazon

7. How am i protected?

All purchases are made through Amazon for your protection. Should you have an issue, you will have Amazon returns open to you. The risk lies with the brands more than you.

8. How can i get more products and more expensive items?

Once you have bought with us 10 times and referred 10 people to us, email us and the names of the people and we will add you to the REBATE ULTRA club where you get first dibs on the best products.