Could you be our 1st cash giveaway winner?

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Answer the question:

Which famous female authors face is printed on the current £10 note?

  • Jane Austen
  • Fearne Cotton
  • J K Rowling

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Could you be our first cash giveaway winner?

Aaron won our first tech giveaway for Christmas, and Kai won one last week, both getting the brand new XBOX Series X (we’ve got another up right now HERE!) But you could be our first cash giveaway winner!

The winner will receive £2000 deposited directly into their bank account to do with as they wish, treat yourself, the kids or just let it sit there for a rainy day!


Draw currently set for 1st Feb 2021, We will of course bring the draw forward should it sell out quicker! 


How it works:

  • Grab up to 50 entries for your chance to win
  • Wait for the live draw 1st Feb 2021 (we’ll call the winner during the live stream, you don’t need to be watching to win but it would be fun!)
  • We’ll deposit £2000 into the winners account within 24hrs of the draw

The winner must be 18+ and have a UK bank account matching the winners name as per their account information.

The winner will need to supply a valid account name, number and sort code to receive the prize.