Simply the coolest pair of socks on the planet. Please only buy if they are meant for a very stylish and intelligent man with a good sense of humor 🙂

Why buy these socks?

  • These are more than socks, these are a statement. One could say even a way of life (too much?)
  • Pure cotton and non-slip material. Only the best!
  • Covered in equations and the famous “Pi” symbol. If you can solve all the equations on the sock… you are smarter than us
  • Pi Day is on March 14th, 2019. Wear them on this day and connect with the world.
  • Math is cool, you are cool OR you give great gifts. Be unique and buy these socks!
  • Money back guarantee if you hate them or your partner hates them!

Limited edition, we have only made 3,140 (in the spirit of pi) of these then we will NEVER make anymore. You can join an elite club of “pi sock” owners.

Order While socks or stocks last


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